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Some of the things we love to do with or for our customers
Portable and Specialist Sawmilling

We run a large 'Woodmizer' bandsaw mill which allows us to mill difficult types of timber with less wasteage and better overall recovery while having excellant recovery on typical easy types of timbers greater than traditional 'Circular' saw mills.

Along with our supporting equiqment we can;

Mill out to 10m in length

Create rounds, 'D' or octangle poles with our lathe.

Create 600*600mm posts

Resaw timber to a new size.

Combine our portable edger to get increased productivy onsite.

Timber Sales & Machining

We are stocking more and more timber for sale as we grow.

Either rough sawn stock usually air dry or final product such as tounge and groove flooring etc.

We also hope to have onsite machining services shortly allowing us to control the process from start to begining for a cohesive result.

Timber Drying

Many timbers with deal with - in particular hardwoods like Eucalyptus and NZ Beech species are difficult to dry correctly and if done poorly can lead to massive loose of cut timber.

We specialise in this field to cut the timber correctly in the begining and air dry carefully.

To top the timber off if needed we run a low temperate dehumindification kiln.

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