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We mill...

I dont think there is any type of wood we wont try and mill!

We specilise in 'Quatersawing' difficult hardwoods like

- Many Eucalyptus species

- New Zealand Native Beech

- Oak/s

- Acaia, Blackwood in particular

We are often found milling many softwoods as well like

- Cypress, Macrocarpa, Lawsons...

- Pine

- Poplar

to name a few..

More odd things, well..

Asian Gleditsia



Old Eucalypt wharf piles

Logs 2 Lumber is regiestered with the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) for native saw milling.

This means we know the process and can help should you have some native timber you wish to mill.


Native registered

Try our glossary for terms you might want to learn about.

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Do you have one or many trees or logs you might want to part with?

Drop us a line, you would love to hear about them.



Durable timber supporters

We have been involved with trial milling for a major New Zeland study into growing durable eucalypt timbers.

We have also planted thousands of these trees for future non treated timber options for those who wish to have no chemicals in there timber.



Timber for what Use?

There are many 'ins and outs' with timber and what use it can be - even though you might have the right type of tree it might not be suitable for the use you want.

We have a lot of knowledge to help you asses your needs and what you might have on hand to see if your hopes align with your dreams!



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