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Ideas and Values

The company was formed with an initial goal of 'Gaining value from an undervalued or underutilized resource' and still holds this value at its core today.

Since its inception in 2013 Logs 2 Lumber has enjoyed steady growth and gained experiance in a number of areas across the timber industry while maintaining long term strong relationships with its customers.

We never shy away from a dificult challange love to challange the conventional thinking throughout our operations.

Small but Personal

While we are a small team we often work with specilists within various fields for their skills and help should we need too.

We often work closly with builders and can custom saw that exact size of timber they require that might be imposible to find 'off the shelf' making any project personalised and bespoke.

Personalized Approach

It seems no job is ever the same as the last so we like to work with our customers to acheive the best and most productive outcome.

So keeping this in mind we always like to listen to the exact requirements or specifications for the task and work with people to meet the end requirments.

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